Chinese engineer accused of stealing a car

A Chinese engineer was accused of stealing revelation from Apple’s Stealth Self-Driving Vehicle project, which is a latest criminal complaint.

Jizhong Chen was arrested in January, when he applied for a job with a autonomous car company, a day before he was booked in a flight to China, this week criminal complaint filed in the US court in California According to.

Trade secrets against the chain is a maximum of 10 years in jail and a fine of $ 250,000.

Chen, an electrical engineer, was hired by Apple in June last year, part of a hardware design team working on a self-driving car project in Apple, FBI special agent Edelada Hernandez said in filing .

According to the complaint, Chen was given “secret training”, in which to avoid leaking information, even for family members, and around 1,200 “core” employees had possession.

In December, Chen was notified by Apple that there was a need to improve performance of his work. Next month, a colleague saw Chen taking photos of self-driving car project and alerted the superiors, Filing said.

An internal investigation has determined that Chen had taken photographs of the Stealth Project and according to the complaint, its Apple Work computer was supported in more than 2,000 files in a private machine, along with schematic, manual and diagram.

Chen said that Apple had downloaded the computer of its work as a personal insurance “insurance policy” when its performance-improvement plan in Apple ended with its expiration in terms of job prospects But some photos came back in June, Hernandez said in filing.

As a result of Apple’s internal investigation, the chain was suspended from his job, from which conclusions were shared with the FBI.

In July last year, a pre-Apple engineer was accused of stealing secrets from the Hush-Hush Self-Driving Car Technology project for a few days before moving on to Chinese startup.

According to a copy of the criminal complaint posted online, Xiaolang Zhang was accused of stealing business secrets from the Apple project.

According to Hernandez’s filing, both the cases did not appear to be related.

Apple had indicated last week that it is triming its autonomous car team but it is committed to technology.


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