Confident Lewis Hamilton has predicted “the toughest fight yet” with Ferrari

TRI News Louis Hamilton believes that Ferrari has an edge to go to Melbourne’s inaugural Grand Prix, but Mercedes Ace is quietly confident in his bid for the sixth world title. The 34-year-old, who was prominent in 2018, is ready to perform better than the five-time champion Juan Manuel Fangio and go to Michael Schumacher’s all-time record close to seven Formula One crowns. But it was Ferrari who sneaked into a pre-season test to emerge as the first favorite in Australia, Hamilton claimed that Italy’s team around Albert Park could be more than halfway on Sunday.

Britain said, “This is the hardest war ever, although Mercedes, who has won five consecutive drivers and constructor titles, have not yet shown their complete hand.”

‘We have got the best team’

Hamilton, who won two times in Melbourne in 2008 and 2015, said, “We have the best team. We have experience, it is no coincidence that we are world champions and we have to be balanced.”

“But to be sure as a driver, I have to find out how I can pull more, for which I do not have the current answer.”

His fierce opponent Sebastian Vettel was swept away in an Australian thriller last year, after Mercedes stopped Pitt under the condition of a virtual safety car, Hamilton jumped on.

This was the second straight victory of four-time world champions in Melbourne, and they followed it with a win in Bahrain before a resurgence, and in a consistent manner, Hamilton left 11 of the last 19 race to leave the frustrated German.

While Mercedes has retained Walteri Boutas as the partner of Hamilton this year, which is one of only two unchanged driver line-ups, Vitel has a new partner in Charles Leclar who has been transferred from Sabir – Now branded Romeo – a swap for Kimi Räikkönen.

Vetel said that despite his relative inexperiencedness, he considered 21-year-old Lecller “a full opponent” and expressed confidence that Ferrari could regain his first driver’s crown since the victory of Riquonon in 2007.

The 31-year-old, who won four consecutive world championships in Red, said, “I hope this year is going to be very fun for us. Fun is to win a lot of races and then you are fighting for the championship.” Bull since 2010-2013

“It is clear what we want but at this point it is very far.”

Mercedes ‘will be very strong’

The bookmakers have been vetted as a clear favorite to win Sunday, although the new Ferrari team chief Mattia Benito suggested that Mercedes was not far away from the pace as Hamilton suggested.

He said, “I believe Mercedes will be very strong in Australia and I think we will be completely wrong to believe that we are faster than them.”

Meanwhile, the Red Bull powered by the new Honda engine has high hopes that Max Vertappan, who was in fourth place in the standings of drivers last year, could crash the Hamilton-Vetal party. Following a shock of Daniel Reichardo’s Renault exit, he has a new partner in Pierre Gasley.

Three drivers start their race in Australia – Lando Norris (McLaren), Alexander Albbon (Toro Rosso) and George Russell (Williams). Antonio Giovannazie (Alfa Romeo) was a stand-in in 2017 for Sauber, two Grand Prix, but is preparing in its first full season.

There is also a surprising return from Poland’s Robert Kubica in the race, which partially separates his right hand in an accident eight years ago, many people believed that he would not see him driving again, alone Let a Formula One machine run.

They get their opportunity in Williams, who was at the final position in the 201st Constructors Championship.

In this year’s new concept, a bonus point will be given for the fastest lap during the race, the driver should finish within the top 10. A winner currently gets 25 points with 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4. 2 and one for later places.

In order to improve the quality of racing, a new set of Aero rules featuring the front wings and brake ducts have also been introduced in simple rules.


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