Education and exams are also an important part of parenting, do not pressure children on it

The Republic India Lifestyle – If I were to ask you, when you were in the second or fifth class, how many percent of you had come, would you be able to tell? I do not remember But I remember my favorite stories or the concepts of each subject that were my favorite. I loved biology as a child, loved mathematics and social studies and English were my favorite subjects. They all had their own stories for me and they all helped me in the role that I am playing today. Role of a storyteller. You must be wondering what all this has to do with parenting. Actually, studies and exams in particular are an important part of parenting. Today she is telling some things related to this

Explain the formula of examination to children

Exams means answering a concept in a short time, so that one can know how much one has understood that concept. So next time if your child’s numbers are low then definitely talk to the teacher as it is not just the problem of the child. The teacher also needs to do more work. Explain to children that this is the exam formula.

Understanding of concepts + hard work = exam

Understanding the concept: If your child understands the concept well then do not insist on memorizing it by writing. There is no guarantee that writing will be missed.

Do not tell a subject to a favorite: We often say in front of children that I hated mathematics or that I did not understand maths subject. This affects children’s thinking. This already makes them believe that mathematics is difficult. They should feel that all subjects are good.

This is not your exam: We get so engrossed in understanding children’s courses, exams, time tables that they start doing everything on their own and do not let them plan anything. Support children, but do not make them dependent on you.

Report cards belong to children, not yours: Parents also pressurize them to get reward for their hard work. That’s why children’s report card is considered as their report card.
Start early, explain with stories: Explain to children that they do not wait for exams and keep their preparation in advance. You can explain concepts to children through stories or examples. I do the same with my daughter and it becomes easier to understand.


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