Is Krishna Abhishek and his uncle Govinda all right?

TRI news : Bollywood star Govinda and his nephew Krishna Abhishek, who were in Loggerheads for a few months ago, seems to have patched up. Presently, in the Kapil Sharma show, Krishna shared a tiring picture with a sweet message on his Instagram account.
In the picture, Krishna can be seen entertaining a moment from the poster of Govinda’s old film Hitia. In the poster, young Krishna’s uncle is Govinda’s leg. The popular comedian wrote, “Now look at the same picture in 2018 that my God’s time has become very fast, but the affection of love is the same (thus).”

For unhindered, Krishna and his wife Kashmira celebrated birthday for their twins in Mumbai last year. Govinda and his family were once again distinct from their absence, and this speculated that the family is not all right. In a special conversation with BT, Govinda’s wife, Sunita and Krishna, disclosed the reason behind the saddening of their relationship.

Tri news : Is all well between Krushna Abhishek and his uncle Govinda?

After this, Sunita said, “Almost six months ago, at the insistence of Krishna, Govinda and I went to their show (The Drama Company). Since we are also fond of the show’s producer Preity and Niti Simoes, we agreed. Kashmiri had the courage to write nonsense about us on social media immediately after that presence, he had referred us in the post as ‘People who danced for money’ even if we were to attend that She was paid for her, she was not one of her business, almost every Bollywood celebrity is seen in the TV show, besides that, she is not the one who has paid us. I do not know that she has posted that post now. Has removed, but most of our relatives and family friends read it back. They claim that this post was for their sister Aarti, but how soon after coming to their show Or? He was nowhere in the picture! He is nephew of Govinda and in this way they behave with us! ”
While Sunita had said that they broke all relations with Krishna and Kashmeera and there was no chance of reconciliation. However, Krishna was always hopeful of patches.


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Talking to in August 2018, Krishna had said, “I am waiting to meet Govinda Mama and meet her at home. I am waiting for the main work in the house, and she will marry me and They can not tell me to meet me or come home again, but I will go back to their house again after two months and they will forgive me, I think that this Be in every family Is received. ”
It seems that their prayers have finally been answered and everything is fine between Krishna and his uncle Govinda.


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