Janata curfew will run till 6 am in Uttar Pradesh, CM Yogi convenes meeting at 9.30 pm

Lucknow: From the Center to the state governments are doing everything possible to stop the outbreak of Corona virus, where people are following it openly after PM Modi’s request for public curfew, then some state governments stop the entire lockout Have given. Has announced that in this episode, the Uttar Pradesh government has also decided that the status of Janata curfew in the state will continue till 6 am on Monday. Also, CM Yogi can decide on the lockout in Uttar Pradesh like other states or not. The Chief Minister has called the officials for discussion at 9.30 am.
UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh’s Corona Virus Test I Negative, Was In Party With Kanika

According to the Union Health Ministry, 25 cases of infection have been reported in Uttar Pradesh, one of which is a foreign national. In view of the condition of corona virus, several states have declared complete lockout. In many cities of Uttar Pradesh, orders have been given to keep all places except essential goods closed. In Varanasi, orders have been given to close all permanent and temporary shops, track shops, trains on 23 and 24 March. Apart from this, a roster of alternate days is being released in the state government offices, which will run till 29 March. Half of the office staff would come one day and half the other day. Field workers will do duty every day.

4 districts of Madhya Pradesh closed due to coronavirus

Let me tell you that the cases of corona virus are increasing in the country. So far 324 cases of corona virus have been reported in India. Today 9 cases have increased. The number of corona cases has increased by 79 days. The Health Ministry said that 22 people have recovered from the disease in 315 cases at 10.45 am on Saturday. More than 3 million people worldwide are infected with the corona virus and about 13,000 people have died.


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