Police did not write an FIR on the death of the young man under suspicious circumstances

Shuklaganj A youth resident of Ambikapuram died in suspicious circumstances on Monday evening. Family members were also accused of murder. Police reached the information and took the body and sent it to the PM. But even twenty-four hours after the incident, the police had not filed a case.

On Tuesday, his body reached home after being PM. After which angry family members reached Unnao Shuklaganj Fourlane with the dead body and started committing uproar by placing the dead body on the middle road. During this time there was an hour of jam. Police arrived at the information of the jam and tried to convince the family. Despite this, the jam could not be removed. After which the representative of the Municipality arrived and explained to the relatives. After which the jam could be removed. During this time the ambulance was also stuck in the jam.

Satish Savita (35), a resident of Ambikapuram, used to work in a bullion shop in Nehru Nagar. He died in a suspicious condition on Monday evening. The family had accused him of murder. On which the police had sent the body to PM for possession but after more than 24 hours, Gangaghat police have not filed a case yet. The body reached home after around 3 pm PM on Tuesday afternoon. On seeing the dead body, the family started crying in broad daylight and the angry people blocked the dead body in front of Nehru Nagar on the Rajdhani road.

The relatives said that compensation should be given to the wife of the deceased, along with DM and SP, come on the spot and get justice. Rajdhani road was jammed for about an hour. People fiercely created uproar. The police, who reached the spot, tried to get the jam removed, but people did not agree and kept accusing the police of lapses. After which the Speaker’s representative Rajesh Gupta Goldie mediated and explained to the families and asked for financial help from the government.

At the same time, the post mortem report showed that there were pellets, along with poisonous substance was also found in the body. Therefore the bed has been secured. School vehicles and several ambulances were stuck in the jam during this period. After the removal of the body, the police removed the jam after much effort. After which the traffic could become normal.

Reporter – Ankit Kushwaha


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