Serie A: Cristiano Ronaldo’s late sentence helps Juventus win 2-1 on Lazio

Star striker Cristiano Ronaldo converted the penalty for Juventus into goals in Serie A game’s death in order to win 2-1 for his club against LaGiio in Rome on Sunday and at the top of the table he scored 11 points Explained.

Juventus had to pursue an Era Cane goal after a game, Joao Cancello scored a goal an hour ago at the champion level and then earned a penalty which Ronaldo slipped within two minutes.

An eighth serie is a title for the side of Seri A Massimiliano Allegi who had maintained an edge over Napoli on the second place held in AC Milan for a roundless draw on Saturday.

After losing 1-0 in the first Torino on Sunday, 19 points behind Inter Milan leaders. Lasio has moved to the eighth position – three points in the Champions League – the second defeat of the second consecutive defeat after losing the same score to Napoli in the last weekend.

“For sixty minutes it was the worst Juventus of the year,” said Captain Giorgio Chiellini. “After the lack of goal the contradiction got inspiration for us to win it.

“We’ve got players who make the difference. (Goalkeeper Wojciech) Szezny kept us on our feet, we were finally deadly.”

The champion struggled in the first hour at the Stadio Olimpico, as Lazio put pressure on. Daniel Ragani approved the round-trip clearance, Joaquin Corea drank the last can and Leonardo Bonucci after refusing Luis Alberto and Marco Parollo.

The German midfielder Cain’s havoc was compiled right before the hour mark when he dropped down and instead of throwing the ball in his own net from one corner.

But the side of Elegri can cancel the other half options and depend on the depth of its bench with Federico Bernardesky.
A solo run by Bernardesky equaled the left set, which was dismissed by Lasio goalkeeper Thomas Straaksha initially.

Ronaldo – whose fines were saved against Chivo last week – to finish 15 goals in his league match to finish his eighth consecutive match.

– Roma useless –

Inter Milan broke into 35 minutes with defender Armando Izzo in Torino, because Roma took the lead of 3 goals and scored 3-3 against Atalanta. Roma could have surpassed AC Milan in fourth, but Colombian forward Daven Zapata continued its goal scoring streak to snatch a mark.

Before being fired under the driving rain in Roma in northern Italy, Stofan L. Shararawi scored three goals after Edin Dezeco Brace added a third five minutes before the break.

Roma’s coach Eusebio de Francesco lamented: “There is a lack of continuity in this team even during the same match with this crazy team. It is very absurd to see a team with the same player, Is in so many different demonstrations.
“We were lucky to get a draw.”

Dzeko broke after just three minutes for his first goal in Serie A, after October, adding two half an hour later, teen compatriot Nicolò Zanolo provided two assists.

Before Atal returned with Romata, before doubling his fight with Romata, with Steven Nosey pursuing his leadership with finding a way to eliminate Dezza.

Zanolo founded El Sharravi to build it 3 minutes five minutes before the break, but Timothy Castgain brought Atalanta back into play before the gap.

The men of De Francesco were struggling after a break with Roma defender Raphael Tolooi and Papu was sitting second in the Atlanta one hour before the Gomez cross.
Zapta lost the chance for the third ten minutes and later sent a penalty kick on the bar. But after a minute, he scored 15 runs in his 14th goal in this last game of his eighth season, a total of 15 runs in this season.


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