The country, farmers, laborers all are going through a crisis

Reporter : Abhishek Mishra

Bansdih: The country is going through a crisis today. The farmers and laborers are all upset. The youth are confident of eating at the rate of rate for employment. It makes no sense to anyone, Hindu Muslims are a weapon in the government of the country and the state. By using it to mislead the public, just start straightening your owl. You should be alert and do this to the general public. Addressing the Samajwadi Party activists meeting at the above said Beruarbari Dawakara Bhavan, Leader of Opposition Ram Gobind Chaudhary said that lathis are being rained on farmers, students, laborers, Asha Bahu, Shikshamitro who talk about their rights and rights with the government. This government is working to shoot lathi on the people talking about their rights.

Mr. Chaudhary said that our worshipers are workers. I will always struggle to honor them. He asked the workers to go from house to house in the village and make them aware of the policies of the party and work together to create social interaction among the people. In this sequence, SP leader Shyam Bahadur Singh said that if the BJP promised that no one will be unemployed without employment. But what should I do about giving this job, in three years, the BJP government has done the job of taking the job.

Unemployment of youth, deception of education friends are the achievements of this government. SP Bansdih Legislative Assembly Speaker Harendra Singh said that so many false and fraudulent government has not come up till today, no one has done as many roads, school public interest works during SP tenure. The public has now recognized his real face. And in 2022, the public will give the answer. All the workers will have to do the work of connecting more and more people by telling the policies of the party, only then the organization will strengthen. During the meeting, District President of Samajwadi Student Assembly, Ranakunal Singh presented a sapling to the leader of opposition Ramgovind Chaudhary. On this occasion, SP leaders Harendra Singh, Shyam Bahadur Singh, Principal Representative Ashok Yadav, Ashish Singh, Dr. Harimohan Singh, District President of Samajwadi Student Assembly, Ranakunal Singh, Beasamuni Yadav, Kanhaiya Yadav, former head Tej Bahadur Singh, Bhim Singh, Lallan Baisakhi , Rohit Sahni, Bharat Yadav, Arvind Balmiki ji, Dilip Singh, former block chief Banshabahadur Singh, Jayaprakash Singh, Lucky ji, Harendra Singh headed block Dhyksh Upendra Singh and was conducted by Umesh Mishra.


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