42 foreigners killed in East Africa blast

Ministry of External Affairs said that 12 foreigners are still unknown in the police morgue of Colombo and can still be between unknown dead bodies.

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan officials have identified 42 foreign nationals out of 253 killed in Easter suicide bombings, officials said on Tuesday.
Officials from the Ministry of External Affairs said that the bodies of 12 unknown people still found in Colombo’s police morgue.

There were five injured foreign hospitals after the blasts in the churches and hotels claimed by the ISIS group on April 21.
A statement from the ministry said that the maximum number of victims was Britain (six), China (four) and Denmark (three) after India (11).

Saudi Arabia, Spain and Turkey lost two or two citizens. Bangladesh, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, United States, all lost a national.

There were six other people who had more than one nationality.

Earlier the officials had said that 40 foreign nationals had been killed and did not break their nationalities.

The Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement, “Human remains of 25 foreign nationals have been withdrawn till Monday evening.”

“In addition, 12 foreign citizens are currently unaccounted for, and Colombo may be among the unknown victims of the medical medical officer’s mortuary.”

Health officials have said that the identities of people killed in luxury hotels were difficult because many bodies were badly cut off.

The government declared the state of emergency after the devastating explosions and banned two jihadi groups responsible for the bomb blasts.

Many tourists have left the country after the attacks and after a warning from several countries against Sri Lanka’s visit, the number of foreigners coming to the island has fallen drastically.

The Sri Lankan Ministry of Finance is expected to fall by 30 per cent in tourists arrivals this year, resulting in a loss of revenue of approximately $ 1.5 billion.


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