US: Eight Indians arrested for student visa, facilitation of immigration fraud

Washington: US immigration and customs enforcement have arrested eight people, all of whom are Indian nationals or Indian Americans who are fraudulently arresting hundreds of immigrants for illegally living as students in America.

The people arrested in the beginning of the 20’s or early 20’s have been identified as Badath Kakirdadi, Suresh Kandla, Phanideep Karnati, Prem Rampyasa, Santosh Sam, Avinash Thakkalapalli, Asvant Nuneen and Naveen Prthapati.

However, ICE has not disclosed their nationalities. Six of them were arrested in the Detroit area, while the other two in Virginia and Florida, the ICE said in a statement.

These suspects helped hundreds of foreign nationals to stay illegally in the United States, helping them portray as students, which they were not sure, special agent Charge Francis said.

“Special agents of Homeland Security Investigation disclosed a nationwide network, which exploited the American immigration laws severely.”

According to the prosecutions, from February 2017 to January 2019, a group of foreign nationals to illegally fraud with the remaining overseas nationals and conspiracy to actively recruit a Metro Detroit private admitted to the University of Farmington in the United States. Created

ICE said that for unknown purposes, the Farmington University was operated by special agents of HomeCon Security Investigation (HSI).

As part of the “pay to stay” plan, the eight defendants charged have been accused of helping students enroll in cash instead of cash, kickbacks and tuition credits.

HSI remains alert to ensure the integrity of American immigration laws and will continue investigating this and other criminal offenses, Francis said.

Accompanied by the help of foreign “students”, the accused and the recruits obtained immigration documents and with the aim of cheating immigration officials, facilitated the creation of false student records including transcripts.

ICE said that all the participants in the plan knew that there were no trainers or actual classes with Charity.

ICEE said that the respondents intend to help their clients / students in the United States immigration authorities to shield and hide the money, and their plans resulted in a collective profit of more than a quarter of a million dollars.

“We all know that international students may be a valuable asset to our country, but as the case goes on, American Attorney Matthew Schneider said that exploiting and misusing the well-intentioned international student visa program can go.

According to the prosecution, the university was being used by foreign nationals as a stay-to-stay stay, allowing these individuals to stay in the “approved” educational program as a full-time student in the United States.

The University said that each of the foreign nationals enrolled and paid for tuition in the university, knew that they would not participate in any particular area in the study in a particular area to be planned, earn credits or actual Progress towards the degree.

“Instead, they intend to maintain their student visa status by fraud and obtain the work authorization under the CPT program, the prosecution said, claiming that each student knew that the university program was not approved by the Department of Homeland Security It was illegal, and it was conscience. It should be used while discussing the program with others.

This is another case when the Homeland Security Department has used a fake university to disclose the fake student visa racket.


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